• Preservative Free... Low Fat... No MSG, Nitrates or Nitrites!
About Us
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Don Sherwood's main goals are to produce a superior-quality product and to provide excellent customer service. At the Cayucos Sausage Company each gourmet sausage is made with the finest pork, quality ingredients, low fat, and never contains any preservatives, MSG, nitrites or nitrates.

Don has lived in San Luis Obispo, California his entire life. The youngest of nine children, Don first learned to make sausage at the young age of twelve. Eager to learn, he worked with local ranchers in San Luis Obispo and studied their many secrets of sausage making. Don also worked as a meat cutter at a local market for twenty-seven years, amassing nearly three decades of experience in the industry.

Throughout the last eleven years, in the beautiful beach town of Cayucos, California, Don and his wife Juneé have operated a successful barbeque catering business while developing their special sausage recipes that they pride themselves upon.